We’re Official

We are very excited to announce that our bid filing for the 2016 Worldcon race has been received and approved!

We’ll see you all in London!


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Howard Waldrop, GRRM and Gardner Dozois Talk KC

Note: this video does contain language that may not be suitable for all places.

Howard, GRRM and Gardner tell stories.

Howard, GRRM and Gardner tell stories.


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Kansas City Launches Brand New Website

A static website served us well in the early days of the bid just to get basic information out. As we approach  Loncon 3, though, the needs of the bid are more complex and the expectations are higher. We have chosen therefore, to completely refurbish our website as you see before you. We hope you find it useful, informative and perhaps even entertaining. Please direct questions, comments or suggestions to the webmaster .

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Recent Facebook Posts

Check out some fantastic photos of our staff meeting last weekend!

You’ll even get a sneak peak at the proposed main hall!

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The Daily Mail of London sings the praises of Kansas City, starting, naturally, with barbecue.

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You may think that Kansas City is Flyover Country, but we think it’s pretty stunning.

Here are 22 snap shots that should help convince you…

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You certainly don’t need to move to Kansas City, but we really would love it if you came to visit us for a Worldcon.

And these are 30 pretty..

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We’re sure we’ve told you about how great the BBQ is here in Kansas City, but you don’t need the sauce to have a great meal.

Check out this..

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